Thursday, November 18, 2010

capture it

just wanna see you guys some of photos that i took. but before that, id like to tell you a bit bout my hobby : photography.

ive been loving photography since i was in juniorhigh. it was when i was at Gramedia bookstore (yeah i love to read too), then i found a book about how to be a good photographer for dummies. haha. it was a good book. it says that everything can be a good photo object. it depends on how you find the best angle. then i looked lots of great photos. the objects are simple, and you can see it everyday, like flowers, sky, birds, cars, and many more. but it looks good because the photographer really knows the best angle of the object.

since then, i really want to pursue it. but i didnt have any camera. moreover, if i wanna buy a camera, i didnt know what type should i buy for a beginner like me. but i wasnt easily give up, then i asked my friend who loves photography too, i asked her what type should i buy, why should i buy that one, and blablabla. and after a looong looong time, finally, about a year ago, i bought i new camera, it was my birthday present actually. its Nikon D3000. whoa of course i love my camera! its like a dream come true :p

i bring my camera everywhere i go bcos theres a lotta interesting objects out there. then one day. my sister's friend, which is a photographer, teached me a bit about how to find the best angle of the object, the operational of the camera, and such. its getting more and more fun!

then, at the early of 2010, i started dating a guy, and his older sister is a really good photographer. yes, she really is. i love the way she capture an unusual object. basically, its not a rare object, we see it everyday, like shoes, hands, lamps, traffic light, and many more. thats all seem uninteresting, but not again after i looked her photos. shes really good at it. the more i see her photos, the more i adore her. she's inspiring. makes me love photography more and more. if you wanna see some of her photos, heres the link of her blog : cerveceria.

and now, id like to post some photos that i took. here they are :

well, hope you like it!

ill see you soon! :)